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Preço de pré-venda do PS5 é muito mais barato do que o esperado | Screen Rant

A Canadian games retailer has begun taking pre-orders for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 console, and the price they're charging is pretty reasonable. A video game retailer in Canada has begun taking pre-orders for the PlayStation 5, and they're only charging $559.99 (roughly $398 in USD). Previously, Sony has made allusions to the upcoming PS5 console price being…

Empresa de Oxford selecionará 15.000 medicamentos em busca de cura para o coronavírus

An Oxford-based firm that uses artificial intelligence to develop new medicines has teamed up with a UK national science facility to screen more than 15,000 drugs for their effectiveness as a treatment for Covid-19. Exscientia, a spinoff company from the University of Dundee that is now based in Oxford science park, said it had gained…

PS5: como o novo sistema pode oferecer suporte ao PSVR | Screen Rant

PSVR has been one of the PS4's most unique features, and with the PS5 quickly approaching there are ways Sony can keep supporting the headset. The PlayStation 4 has been a resounding success for Sony, with the system selling over 100 million units since launch. Past that, PS4 has also sold over 1 billion pieces…
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