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Robert Peston: Michael Gove está certo quanto à falta de ingredientes do kit de teste de coronavírus?

Michael Gove said they need specific reagents to make sure tests are available. Credit: PA Michael Gove has said the difficulty in increasing the number of Covid-19 tests is due to a shortage of the relevant "chemical reagents". Asked about testing for NHS staff at the Government’s daily coronavirus briefing at Downing Street, Mr Gove…

Robert Peston: As escolhas terríveis que o coronavírus impõe aos médicos e às famílias dos pacientes

More than 1,000 people in the UK have died after contracting the virus. Credit: AP In recent days, I have had more than enough upsetting conversations with doctors to last a lifetime. About how they don't have the protective gear to protect themselves from infection or to minimise the risk of them infecting others, about…

Robert Downey Jr. deu a Chris Evans um carro com tema dos Vingadores

When Robert Downey Jr. decides to give someone a gift, it’s almost always something great. Downey Jr. loves cars, so when he was thinking about what kind of gift to give to his Marvel co-star Chris Evans, he settled on a car. But it couldn’t just be any other car. It had to be a…
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