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Mais de 50.000 pessoas foram banidas do Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is the franchise’s latest take on battle royale, and the fast-paced combat makes it quite enjoyable. However, the game only works if everyone is playing on equal ground, and cheaters are a constant hassle that developers need to deal with. Infinity Ward put out a post today, stating that it has…

Mais nove pessoas morrem em Cumbria após contrair o Covid-19

News   NINE more deaths were announced at Cumbria healthcare trusts today as a result of Coronavirus (Covid-19). They come during the biggest single-day death toll, as a further 367 people were reported to have lost their lives after contracting Covid-19. The overall number of Covid-19-related deaths in England now stands at 1,651. Three new…

Pessoas que participaram da conferência da igreja em KCK possivelmente expostas a coronavírus

KDHE says event identified as place of exposure for multiple people People who attended church conference in KCK possibly exposed to coronavirus KDHE says event identified as place of exposure for multiple people Hide Transcript Show Transcript NEWS AT 4:00. >> FOR ONE WEEK KANSAS CITY HAS BEEN DEALING WITH A NEW NORMAL. HOME. BUSINESSES…

Até 1 em cada 4 pessoas com coronavírus pode não apresentar sintomas, o diretor do CDC alerta

    Cerca de 25% das pessoas infectadas com o novo coronavírus podem não apresentar sintomas, alerta o diretor dos Centros de Controle e Prevenção de...

As pessoas estão tendo ‘flashbacks desde a infância’ enquanto as vendas do Chef Boyardee aumentam, diz CEO da Conagra

Chef Boyardee sales are up, and the growth momentum may continue forward, given the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Conagra Brands CEO Sean Connolly told CNBC's Jim Cramer Tuesday.The classic line of canned pasta products saw a 4.5% gain in dollar sales during the last five weeks of the holding company's February quarter, thanks to…

Veja as formas épicas de celebrar o Dr. Anthony Fauci

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Alemanha fará 100.000 testes de anticorpos contra coronavírus

Germany will give 100,000 people coronavirus antibody tests in the next few weeks as part of a major trial to get millions of workers out of lockdown.The mass study will allow officials to determine who has already caught the deadly infection and is therefore immune to being struck down again.British health chiefs have still yet to…

Número de pessoas que morreram na Inglaterra após contrair coronavírus aumenta em 159, elevando o número de mortes no Reino Unido para 1408

The latest headlines in your inbox More than 150 coronavirus patients died overnight in England, raising the UK-wide death toll to 1,408. NHS England confirmed 159 people had passed away since Sunday, aged between 32 and 98. All but four – aged between 56 and 87 – had underlying health conditions. It comes as the latest figures show 22,141…

Até 40% das pessoas nem sabem que têm coronavírus

As many as four in 10 people might show no symptoms after catching the coronavirus, a government scientific adviser has said. Neil Ferguson, who leads Imperial College London’s Covid-19 modelling team, said the UK lacks full data on the number of infections but that ‘maybe a third, maybe 40 per cent of people’ do not…
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