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A nova oferta de recompra do Galaxy S20 da Samsung não é um mau negócio se você é paciente

Despite being a great phone, the Galaxy S20 isn’t selling so hot right now. Samsung is trying to boost enthusiasm for its latest smartphone with a new buyback policy that ensures customers will get a sizable refund on the device in the future. And while guaranteed money sounds like a good deal, is it?Customers can…

Samsung Galaxy S7 recebe atualização de segurança de março de 2020 quatro anos após o lançamento

It’s all too common that Android devices only get a handful of updates before OEMs start to ignore them and focus on newer models. This is an area where Samsung of all people deserves commendation, with the Galaxy S7 series still getting security updates in March 2020. The Galaxy S7 got its last major Android update…

Galaxy S7 e S7 edge ainda estão recebendo atualizações de segurança

It was almost exactly four years ago that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge went on sale in markets around the world. The S7 and S7 edge stopped getting major Android updates with Android 8.0 Oreo, in keeping with Samsung’s software update policy for Galaxy devices. However, the Korean giant continues to support the…

Primeiro vazamento do Galaxy Note 20 revela grande dica sobre seu design

Samsung is due to launch another flagship smartphone later this year, it will be the successor to last year’s Galaxy Note 10. Initially believed to be called the Galaxy Note 11, seeing as how Samsung has jumped straight to the Galaxy S20 branding, there’s a good chance that its next phablet may be launched as…

Esta galáxia é a própria definição de "floculenta"

I know you’re Googling “flocculent” right now, unless you happen to be a chemist, or maybe a home brewer. You could spend each day of your life staring at a different galaxy, and you’d never even come remotely close to seeing even a tiny percentage of all the galaxies in the Universe. Of course, nobody…
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