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Astrofísico tenta construir coronavírus vestível e acaba com ímãs alojados no nariz

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Being a smart person does not preclude making foolish mistakes. Case in point: Australian astrophysicist Daniel Reardon. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Reardon decided to tinker with a magnetic system that would warn people not to touch their faces. A…

Astrofísico australiano pega quatro ímãs no nariz enquanto tenta criar um dispositivo anti-coronavírus

He was taken to hospital after trying to create a device that would prevent people from touching their faces There have been many tales of bravery and sacrifice by medical workers fighting Covid-19 around the world, but none quite compares to the Australian astrophysicist who got four magnets stuck up his nose while trying to…
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