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Gwendlyn Brown: All Smiles After “Raging Bisexual” Reveal

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Gwendlyn Brown is out, proud…

… and oh so very happy with her life right now.

Earlier this month, Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter took a handful of followers by surprise when she revealed her sexuality — in rather dramatic fashion.

“I’m your basic, average girl and I’m here to save the world,” Gwendlyn wrote as part of her new, attention-grabbing Twitter account’s bio.

She then added:

“BLACK LIVES MATTER. Raging Bisexual. She/her #settleforbiden2020.”

Because the Internet is so often a terriible and dark place, Brown received some backlash for this announcement.

But it’s clear from the recent selfie she posted (the first one shared above) that Gwendlyn isn’t even remotely bothered by any criticism she’s garnered.

“I know you guys have been so lost without my selfies,” wrote the 18-year old as a caption to the cute snapshot. Also yes my wall is purple bc purple is for cool kids.”

This is clearly a very self-confident and self-assured teenager. And we are SO here for that.

Discussing her sexuality with The Sun, the occasional Sister Wives star previously said she was never “in” the closet.

“I never ‘came out’ because I was never ‘in.’ I’m just bi,” she explained to the publication, continuing as follows:

“There was no reaction or anything or any juicy gossip.”

Gwendlyn’s older sister, Mykelti, later shared her support for Gwendlyn during a Facebook Live LuLaRoe clothing sale.

When a fan asked if Mykelti is “super proud of Gwen for coming out as bisexual,” she responded, “of course I am!”

Kody, as far as we know, has not said anything in public about his daughter’s sexual orientation.

To his credit, however, the Sister Wives patriarch was supportive of daughter Mariah when she came out awhile ago as gay.

In a separate episode about three years ago, the spouses talked about their support for Mariah, who is now engaged to fiancee Audrey Kriss.

Said mother Meri back then:

“When Mariah came out, it was a bit of a shock to me.

“I’m really glad that I had experiences in my life that I was open to that, because I see so many families reject their kids or other family members when they come out as gay.”

Meri also said at the time:

‘I can’t imagine rejecting my daughter and not knowing who she is, like, who she truly is, and knowing her and Audrey together.”

For all the criticism we’ve leveled against Kody and the Browns, supporting the LGBTQ lifestyle actually goes against their age-old Mormon values.

In this one case, therefore, the family really should be applauded.

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