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Case of 10 year old girl who had legal abortion reignites the debate in Brazil

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This week, in What’s Happening in Brazil, we revisit the case of the 10 year old girl, who was raped by her uncle for four years, and was legally allowed to perform an abortion after it was discovered she had become pregnant. Religious fundamentalists harassed the victim of abuse outside a hospital, calling her and the professionals tasked with helping her assassins. See what some leading women have to say about the issue.

In our News Update segment, we examine Jair Bolsonaro’s most recent verbal assault on media professionals. This has now happened more than 250 times, making some question whether or not the president can live up to the standards of the highest office in the land. His constant lack of decorum and aggressive tones are clearly incompatible with the traits expected from a Head of State.

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In our Culture Talk section we discuss the destruction being wrought upon an indigenous community’s sacred land. Known as the “Sanctuary of the Healers”, the area sits in the middle of the country’s capital, Brasília, a growing metropolis where expansion often means the destruction of the environment and native lands. Real estate speculation is making some residents of the community fear for its survival.

Finally, to end things on a light and delicious note, in our Brazilianism segment we again showcase some local tunes, and teach you a delicious Brazilian recipe.

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